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Fierce Representation Against Criminal Charges

It is no secret that a criminal conviction can have serious consequences. Many people are not aware that in addition to legal consequences, there are collateral consequences to a conviction, like lost financial and career opportunities. With so much at stake in your case, you want to be sure your defense attorney is doing everything possible to help you.

At Greenberg Trial Lawyers, they explore every option of defending clients against the most challenging criminal charges in both state and federal court. Their founding attorney Steve Greenberg has more than 33 years of experience in criminal defense, and is ready to help you pursue the ideal outcome in your case.

Fighting Against The Most Complex Cases

Because of their extensive experience in criminal law, they only take on the most severe and complex cases. They take the time to develop custom-tailored strategies against cases such as:

In the decades they have been practicing, Greenberg Trial Lawyers has tried thousands of cases, which gives them invaluable experience in overcoming criminal charges. Their entire team works tirelessly to explore all options in your case, and pursue whichever option protects your best interests the most.

Start Building Your Defense

Not every lawyer is capable of putting up the defense you need against your criminal charges. At Greenberg Trial Lawyers, you can get the peace of mind you need that your legal team is doing everything possible to help you beat or reduce your criminal charges.

Time is a valuable asset in criminal defense cases, so be sure you are giving your lawyers the time they need. Contact Greenberg Trial Lawyers, Chicago office at or email them here to schedule your initial consultation and begin fighting for your future.