Don’t Settle For Less Than Greenberg Trial Lawyers

A Premier Criminal Defense Team

Criminal charges can leave you with a lifetime of consequences, both legal and collateral. When you are facing criminal charges, it is important you defend yourself with a skilled and committed criminal defense attorney. Not all lawyers offer the same level of representation, so you should be sure you are getting the representation you deserve from your lawyer.

The team at Greenberg Trial Lawyers, led by attorney Steve Greenberg, fights to provide clients throughout the Chicago area with the defense they need. They are not afraid of taking on the most challenging cases in pursuit of the ideal outcome for their clients.

Learn more about the firm’s founder by reading Steve Greenberg’s biography here.

Their Experience Is Your Advantage

The attorney you choose to represent you can define the quality of the outcome in your case. They have more than 33 years of experience taking on complex criminal charges such as homicide, and they have maintained a high level of success due to their unique method of representing clients.

They take the time to identify the unique factors of every case they take, and they go through every length to secure the best possible results. From consulting with expert witnesses to negotiating to reduce the sentencing or consequences, they explore every option for their clients.

They are not a law firm that settles for “good enough” results and they do not offer the same boilerplate representation to everyone. When you go to their office, you will immediately be able to recognize that they are as committed to protecting your rights, future and freedom as you are.

Learn How They Can Represent You

If you are facing serious criminal charges, do not make the mistake of representing yourself or accepting a plea deal without a lawyer present. The team at Greenberg Trial Lawyers is standing by and ready to protect you from your criminal charges. Contact their office at or email them here to schedule your initial consultation today.